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Azalea Baptist Church, St Petersburg, FL

Posted by hhhomeless on January 26, 2016 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (2)

Oh my Gosh! The improvement from the previous post is astonishing! Adding new members to our Choir everyday, and the quality is getting better and better with every practice and performance (although I'm not so sure we're ready to go on tour yet!)

Thank you Azalea Baptist Church, St Petersburg, FL for both your hospitality and generosity!



Homeless Gospel Choir

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To everyone who has been following HHH on Facebook:

You might have heard how Northside Baptist Church in St. Petersburg has been very gracious and kind in their response to HHH’s coming to sing on the sidewalk this Sunday, January 10th.

So, we’re asking you to take a minute to call Northside Baptist Church at 727/381-3542 and just thank them for the love they have shown HHH when we came to promote our gospel choir on January 3rd. If no one answers, leave a kind word because the congregation and leadership deserve it. Thanks so much!

A choice is made

Posted by hhhomeless on October 23, 2015 at 12:50 AM Comments comments (1)

If you were to offer 100 homeless individuals the choice, of food, clothes/hygiene or a bed for the night, which one do you think they would choose? Ninety-eight percent would choose a bed. Yet the one thing that is needed the most is provided the least.


Here at Homeless Helping Homeless, we want to accomplish what the organization was created to do – provide beds for hundreds of homeless individuals.


But in actuality, we want to do much more than that. We want to be the solution for the crisis in Hillsborough County- thousands of homeless individuals sleeping on the street each night.


We are asking you to empower us to be that agency.


Call Homeless Helping Homeless and hear what we are proposing:




Because Nobody Should Have to Sleep on the Street.

Cry For Help!

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We are desperately trying to raise funds for our first Mobile Emergency Shelter unit before the cold weather is upon us. As a supplement to our existing static shelters, this mobile unit will allow us to bring shelter to the homeless WHERE THEY ARE!

Please, if you could help us reach our goal of $35,000 by donating ANY amount we will get there soon!

Donations can be made in a number of ways with the easiest being calling our NEW call center 813.472.8744 or going to our site www.homelesshh.org or homelesshh.com and clicking on the donate button up top. Remember, ANY amount will help.

Because NOBODY should have to sleep on the street


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In May 2015, HHH filed two 1st amendment federal lawsuits against the City of Tampa. In regard to the first lawsuit, the City of Tampa repealed their panhandling ban. The 2nd lawsuit is still pending.


In retaliation, on Sept. 3rd, the City of Tampa Code Enforcement gave us an order to vacate our facility on 106 E. Floribraska Ave.


0n Sept. 10th, the City of Tampa Code Enforcement gave us a second vacate order for our 410 E. Oak Ave facility. (HHH owns the property on 410 E. Oak Ave.)


On September 14th, we boarded the building up on 410 E. Oak Ave and put a tent in our backyard, so our homeless clients would not have to be on the street and could stay there in the backyard. We have turned the electricity off and put a port a potty in the backyard.


In the City of Tampa, it is illegal for homeless individuals to sleep in the street and at the same time, it is illegal for a person to sleep in their own backyard, according to the codes that Tampa has on the books.


We are asking to please help us with the down payment for another facility that is up to code enforcement standards, so that HHH can continue to provide services to homeless men and women, who come to our social service agency for shelter.