Homeless Helping Homeless, Inc .

Emergency Shelter Provider in Tampa, FL

HHH Birth Certificate/ID Program 

This program provides funds, when available, for homeless individuals to obtain birth certificates on a first come, first serve basis. It is vital for homeless individuals to have a state ID in order to obtain benefits from the City of Tampa, (Food Stamps, Hillsborough County Health Insurance, etc.). Individuals will not get into an emergency shelter without an ID. Lastly, with an ID, homeless individuals will be able to apply for employment, which can lead to permanent housing.

To apply for this program,  please contact us via our contact form.

HHH Credit Program

 HHH is the only emergency shelter provider in Hillsborough County that allows homeless men and women, who have no money,  job or government vouchers to stay longer than five days in the facility. That's a fact!