Homeless Helping Homeless, Inc .

Emergency Shelter Provider in Tampa, FL

HHH Transitional Program

HHH Birth Certificate/ID Program 

Since 2009, client stabilization has been the cornerstone of HHH.

In 2018, we are expanding on this concept with a new exciting Transitional Program.

HHH Transitional Program is designed to stabilize clients in order 

that we may assist them in gaining employment. This is an important 

first step toward moving them into permanent housing. Individuals entering into the program without employment will work as an organization volunteer for three hours (Monday through Friday). 

It is mandatory after their three hours of volunteering that clients seek employment. Clients have one month to find employment. However, length of stay may be extended based on their performance and circumstance.

This program provides funds, when available, for homeless individuals to obtain birth certificates on a first come, first serve basis. It is vital for homeless individuals to have a state ID in order to obtain benefits from the City of Tampa, (Food Stamps, Hillsborough County Health Insurance, etc.). Individuals will not get into an emergency shelter without an ID. Lastly, with an ID, homeless individuals will be able to apply for employment, which can lead to permanent housing


To apply for this program,  please contact us via our contact form.

Additional Services

HHH provides the following sixteen free services to the homeless community in Hillsborough County without any major financial donors:

· Shelter                    · Phone

· Showers                 · Fax     

· Laundry                  · Notary

· Storage                   · Copies

· Food                        · Referrals

· Hygiene kits           · Birth Certificate ·

· Recreation area     · Employment

· Bus passes              · Internet