Homeless Helping Homeless, Inc .

Emergency Shelter Provider in Tampa, FL

Our Story

In August 2008, the Founder, Adolphus Parker, had a counterintuitive idea -- homeless people helping other homeless individuals by operating an emergency shelter. Out of this concept, emerged HHH, which became an official nonprofit organization in 2009.

The Founder believed that if the homeless were given the opportunity and  the resource, they could run a social service agency. HHH was designed to be operated and controlled by the clients themselves.


 In the future, HHH hopes to see a Homeless Bill of Rights, as well as, a Homeless Right to Housing nationwide. We realize, of course, there will be thousands of chronically homeless individuals, who will fall between the cracks, even with a Bill of Rights and Right to Housing. 

For this reason, HHH embraces a system, which was our original area of focus, designed for chronically homeless individuals.


Our vision is to shift the paradigm of society's mindset, which is the belief that homeless individuals are unreliable, unproductive and so on. At HHH, the homeless literally help the homeless on a day-to-day basis, which underscores the organization's tagline: Empowerment at its core.

How it Works