Homeless Helping Homeless, Inc .

Emergency Shelter Provider in Tampa, FL

HHH Transitional Program

Since opening our doors, client stabilization has been the cornerstone of HHH. In 2018, 

we expanded this mission to include a low barrier, comprehensive 30 Day Crisis Recovery 

Program that combines trauma informed peer support, crisis intervention, job coaching,

 and life coaching to prepare clients to transition into the work force and permanent housing.

The Crisis Recovery Program is designed to stabilize clients after recent traumatic crisis while 

teaching the skills, knowledge, and tool set necessary to gain employment and take those first

big steps of recovery for a better future. Clients are required to build a recovery plan, read self-help 

literature, and participate in a minimum of 4 peer mentor sessions in order to stay the 30 days. We 

meet each client where they are in life and work from there. Our goal is to instill the notion that hope 

for recovery is possible for everyone and we aim to provide practical mental health access and recovery 

support in a way that empowers those who the system has failed.

Those who have successfully completed the 30 Day Program have the opportunity to intern as peer 

mentors to incoming clients. In addition, clients who obtain employment within the 30 days are able 

to go into the HHH Transitional Program, as well.