Homeless Helping Homeless, Inc .

Emergency Shelter Provider in Tampa, FL

HHH Transitional Housing Program

Since opening our doors, client stabilization has been the cornerstone of HHH. In 2018, we expanded on this mission with a new comprehensive Transitional Program that combines with peer to peer counseling support and therapeutic weekly group sessions.

The HHH Transitional Program is designed to stabilize clients after recent traumatic crisis and  provide them with the skills, knowledge, and a tool set necessary to gain employment and take that first step of recovery for a better future.

Additional Services


HHH provides the following twelve free services to the homeless community in Hillsborough County without any major financial donors:

- Peer to Peer Support                             - Referrals

- Therapeutic Group Session                  -Copies

- Shelter                                                       -Employment

- Free WIFI                                                   -Internet                

- Showers                                                    -Phone

-Hygiene kits                                              -Free Bingo Night